Place places man in such a way that itreveals the external bonds of his existence and at the same time the depths ofhis freedom and reality.                                                                                                                                                                                                        (M.Heidegger)

My practice reflects a process of investigation on different psychological and physical aspects of freedom, touching on themes such as belonging, migration and social inter-relations at a personal level and in the wider context of a globalised world.

Born in Italy and working between Porto and London, I feel constantly floating between fixed patterns of social behaviour and the need to escape rules, freedom of movement and barriers, solid shapes and fluid forms. I enter situations and places, questioning my relationship to the ‘other’ and searching for ways to overcome different forms of separation, looking for ways to re-connect. 

For the past 5 years, I have been exploring dialogue processes and trans-disciplinary research through looking at new values and new forms of thinking and living. Pushed by the need to come closer and more deeply connected with the world, my practice has developed into transformative actions. More recently I have been working on devising creative participatory processes to initiate dialogue and reflection as well as stimulate a shift in thinking and perception in relation to different aspects of life or situation.

Learning through experiencing is at the core of my work; all my projects stem from being in certain situations or environments. From observing my self and the ‘other’, reflecting on social interactions and interrelationships, I translate my own reflections into creative participatory processes usually open to a wide range of participants. Simple in their forms, I often use meditation techniques to re-connect the people to the transformational quality of imagination, offering aspace for thinking and questioning. 

In a world were individualism and predetermined dysfunctional systems are sustained, we strive for self- expression and freedom. However I believe that we, fluid, imaginative and changeable beings can find our freedom not by holding on to our individuality but by rediscovering the capacity to re-connect to the world and respond imaginatively to the depths of our reality. 

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