Conversations From the Shore, 

The Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art 

Poland, Ustka, 2017

Duringthe residency at Bałtycka Galeria, Luisa Spina has been developing the project Conversations from the Shore. She invited the local community to take part in 3 workshops to unpack the image of looking at the infinite horizon from a shore.

The workshops were designed to facilitate dialogue. Participants were invited to re-connect to Ustka by walking, collecting found objects, taking pictures, making observations, remembering stories and recording sound. They then took an imaginative journey to a place beyond the horizon, share their experiences and collectively uncover the past histories of Ustka to explore the motivations that push people to leave home towards the unknown. Luisa Spina further invited the participants to meet weekly and facilitated sessions to help them make artworks that reflected their experiences of imaginatively journeying to unknown places.

The documentation of the workshops, audio recordings, videos and sculptures the artist made during the residency as well as the participants’ artworks inspired by ‘Conversations from the Shore’ culminated on an exhibition held at Bałtycka Galeria on the 23rd November 2017.

On the 25thNovember 2017, ‘Conversations from the Shore’ moved to the beach for a day of activities and interactive art  designed by the artist and the workshops participants. 

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