Conversations from the Shore takes the form of a dialogue process/workshop and explores our relationship to the ‘unknown’ in relation to migration and freedom of movement. Designed to stimulate dialogue, it invites people from all sorts of background to connect to their surroundings and unpack the image of looking at the infinite horizon from a shore. Stimulated by meditation techniques and soundscapes, participants are guided through an imaginative journey  to a place beyond the horizon to then collectively uncover the motivations that push people to leave home and/or explore the unknown. The process/workshop acts as a shared collective form of enquiry and as a sparkler for new collective creative forms to emerge.

The project was born in the city of Porto during a residency period of two months and inspired by the documentary ‘Fire at Sea’, in which the contrasting worlds of refugees and locals on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa merge in the realisation that both have to leave their own land in search for a better life.

By contextualising the project in different parts of the world, I wish to collect personal and intimate journeys of humanity in continuous movement. Photographs,writings, audio and video recordings will be used in the future to create an immersive and participative installation piece. Through this work I wish to create a common ground of understanding to shift perception and activate awareness towards the contemporary issue of migration from an existential point of view.

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